A Night At the Grammys

A Night At the Grammys
Sports Section Editor

On Sunday, February 12th, 2017, the 59th annual Grammy Awards were held. The night was eventful and glamorous.
All of the performers who came out to sing, gave great performances. Some of the highlights from the show included: Adele breaking the award and Katy Perry performed her new single called “Chained To The Rhythm.
One performer who wowed most of the audience was Beyoncé. She recently announced that she was pregnant with twins, so she made sure to show off her pregnancy.
Beyoncé was the most nominated artist of the night. She won two awards but was nominated for nine.
Adele won the most awards. She was nominated for five and won all five. When she got the award for Album of the Year, Adele decided to break it in half because she thought Beyoncé also deserved it. A lot of people were in shock after she broke the award because they weren’t expecting it.
Some people though that Beyoncé deserved it and some thought Adele did. Either way, they both got a part of the award.
Chance the Rapper, who is an independent artist, was nominated for seven awards and won four. He is the only artist who has been nominated without a record label. Most artists that are nominated for a Grammy, have a record label.
One of the biggest performances of the night was the Prince tribute performed by Bruno Mars. People were in awe with the performance and how extravagant it was. Mars dressed in the Purple Rain poofy shirt and suit, which is exactly what Prince wore.
The 59th Annual Grammy Awards will be remembered and the next one will definitely be one to look forward to.


Split Review


Although 2017 has only just begun, moviegoers have already been given quite the selection of films to see. Despite the many family friendly movies that have come out already, it seems that horror and thriller movies have taken the spotlight this past January.

Two of the most anticipated movies from the past month are The Bye Bye Man and Split. You can read a review of The Bye Bye Man here written by our Junior Editor-in-Chief, Leah Connatser. I had the opportunity to watch Split on its opening weekend, and I was surely impressed.

M. Night Shyamalan directed the first smash hit film of 2017, which to someone who knows of Shyamalan’s recent works, is rather surprising in itself.

Lately, Shyamalan has been known for terrible twist endings to his films. Earlier in his career, the twists were shocking as well written, such as the one in The Sixth Sense. Now, they seem predictable and rushed. But Shyamalan’s current reputation is almost erased by how incredible this movie is.

One reason the film is so great is the concept. Kevin (Played by James McAvoy) is a man suffering from dissociative identity disorder, and has 23 different personalities fighting for the spotlight. Kevin, under the control of the Dennis personality, kidnaps three unsuspecting girls and keeps them as prisoners while a mysterious 24th personality, referred to as ‘the beast,’ begins to surface.

It sounds like it could be confusing, yes, but the movie is actually fairly easy to understand. Each of the personalities shown is very distinct, so it is hard to confuse any of them.

Something that thriller movies always try to do is break up the intensity with jokes, and a lot of times, the jokes seem very forced and don’t blend well with the rest of the film. (Not in Split, however.)

The comic relief comes in one of Kevin’s personalities, nine-year-old Hedwig. Hedwig doesn’t understand much about what’s going on, he’s just glad to have new people to talk to, and often says very juvenile things. In one scene, Hedwig kisses one of the girls, Kasey, (Played by Anya Taylor-Joy) and immediately after says, “You’re probably pregnant now.”

This line and many others said by Hedwig made most of the audience burst into laughter, as the comic relief took away some of the terror that you were beginning to feel.

Another great aspect to the movie is the way it is shot and cut with just enough information and detail in each scene to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Nothing in the movie seemed forced, all of the girls’ actions mimic what any normal person would do in their situation.

It’s not just me and the rest of the people from the theatre who think that Split was excellent, many critics have given it high ratings as well. Currently, IMDB has the movie at a 7.5/10 rating, and an 82% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It has also been the number one box office movie for the past two weeks.

If you like thriller movies, or just something to rattle your bones for two hours, I highly recommend that you watch Split now, before someone spoils the amazing twist at the end for you.

Not to spoil the ending, but Shyamalan really gave the viewers a lot to question, and made thoughts of a sequel very possible.

Hopefully soon enough we will see announcements for Split 2, so keep an eye out!

Top Ten Holiday Movies To Watch

BY NADRA DEAN-Staff Writer

From drinking hot chocolate by the fire to building a snowman, the holidays offer many amazing things to do. It’s starting to be that time of the year again where people pull out Christmas music and begin to decorate their houses.
There are countless motion pictures that stand the test of time and never seem to get old, so here is a list of festive movies you can watch whenever you want.
10.) Frosty the Snowman
A film that goes down in history is Frosty the Snowman which follows students on a snow day. When snow falls, and school is closed, children go out to play and they build a snowman. The snowman, Frosty soon comes to life and can walk and talk so the children have a lot of fun with him. It’s only until the temperature becomes too hot where they can’t help him anymore. They worry about him melting and at all risks try to save him.
This falls at number ten, because although it’s a classic children’s movie it is lacking in other areas. It’s a bit of an older movie and a little old fashioned when compared to the newer movies on this list. However, the upbeat catchy song that accompanies the movie is worth listening to.

9.) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
This classic movie finds a reindeer who doesn’t fit in, but soon becomes apart of Santa’s sleigh pulling team and gets accepted by others. Although it’s a classic, it takes the ninth spot, because it’s not as entertaining as the rest of the movies on this list, but it still gets you in the Christmas spirit.

8.) Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
This film is about Jack Frost trying to take over Christmas, meanwhile Santa is trying to please his wife’s parents who come in for a visit. So many problems arise, and Santa decides to pull the Escape Clause which means he won’t be Santa.
This movie makes the eighth place on the list, because of how magical it is, but it could have been more interesting and less about Santa’s pregnant wife. The movie should have focused more on Jack Frost, the villain of the story, instead of mostly on Santa’s wife.

7.) A Charlie Brown Christmas
This tale is about a boy who tries to keep the Christmas magic alive by directing a play and getting a Christmas tree, no matter how small. Everyone discourages him and tells him he shouldn’t believe in Santa nor write a letter, but he does so anyways.
At number seven is A Charlie Brown Christmas, because of the spirit it brings and the cartoon character keeps an upbeat attitude.

6.) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
This comedy is about family and not really getting along with those around you. Despite arguments and fights this movie still stays merry, bright and hilarious! This time the Griswold family has in-laws who come to visit. Little things continue to go wrong, but that doesn’t mean Christmas is ruined for them. It’s number six on the list, because of the humor shown throughout the movie.

5.) Home Alone
This classic movie is about a boy who is left alone while his parents go away on Christmas vacation and intruders break in. Luckily, he outsmarts the burglars, and Kevin sets up all sorts of traps to protect himself and his home.
This movie is number five on the list, because of how much this kid can accomplish and how he manages to protect his family’s home.

4.) A Christmas Carol
Another timeless movie is the 2009 Christmas Carol that stars Scrooge, a bitter old man, who visits spirits on Christmas Day. The book gets revamped when turned into a movie where we see Scrooge himself who soon learns how selfish he has become. He has to change his ways or either he will die due to his greedy ways. Coming in at number four, this movie has a valuable life lesson and is exciting enough to show to children.

3.) The Polar Express
This classic movie shakes our belief about Saint Nick himself and gets everyone in the Christmas spirit. The movie follows a young boy who gets on a train to go to the North Pole where he meets a boy and girl who go on the same train to the North
Pole and together they travel and see Santa. While on the train, the boy discovers true Christmas magic when the engineer magically made him tickets. This comes in at number 3 not only, because of the music, but because of the boy’s interesting journey and how magical everything in the movie is. Not only is the train taking children to Santa, but the boy is starting to believe Santa isn’t real. It’s only on this adventure where he soon learns your never too old to believe in magic.

2.) Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer
This not so popular cartoon follows a family on Christmas Eve where they work at their shop, which their grandmother is well-known for her baked goods and jolly Christmas spirit.
When she comes up missing, Jake her grandson, sees Santa run over his grandmother. Their cousin, Mel, tries selling the business to profit, and she tries to keep grandma missing to sell their business, if grandma isn’t found, Santa will be charged.
This movie is number two on the list because of its unusual story and comical lines alongside its original soundtrack.

1.) How The Grinch Stole Christmas
How the Grinch Stole Christmas talks about a Grinch in a world full of “Whos,” and his plan to ruin Christmas for them. Instead, he discovers a new love for The Whos and Christmas. This movie tops the list at number one because of the interesting storyline and the fantastic costumes that make the book come to life before our eyes.
What movies do you enjoy watching during this time of year? Were any of your picks on the list?

Stranger Reviews


Warning: Some spoilers ahead!

On July 15, 2016, online streaming service Netflix released yet another original series. This time, however, it wasn’t about women in prison or a corrupt political system, it was about much, much more.

Stranger Things is an eight-episode science fiction series set in the 1980s in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. It stars Winona Ryder (Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands), and David Harbour (Black Mass, Suicide Squad), so you know it’s going to be a good show.

This show blew up over the summer, turning it into an instant cult classic. It has everything you’d want in a sci-fi series; aliens, action, and a romantic subplot.

Ryder’s character, Joyce, is a mentally unstable single mother, suffering with the mysterious disappearance of her youngest son, Will, that happens at the beginning of the season. Her character slowly devolves into what seems like madness to other characters, but soon the viewers find out that there is some truth to her insanity.

Other characters affected by Will’s disappearance are his group of best friends, Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), who are the nerdy kids at school. They search for answers in their own way, and stumble upon a quiet girl named Eleven, portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown.

Eleven is a rather… special character. We come to find out that she has telekinetic powers, and was kidnapped by the government at a very young age. Her and Mike form a close –Joyce, aided by head sherif Hopper (Harbour), discover that Will’s disappearance was covered up by the government, who is running dangerous experiments and creating portals to other worlds. A monster from the other world, or Upside Down, enters the human world and feeds on humans after bringing them back to the Upside Down.

Through a long and intense set of episodes, a final battle ensues where Joyce gets her son back, and the monster, along with Eleven now vanish. Like any good show, the season ends with a cliffhanger, but I won’t spoil that for you.

Now, of course this show isn’t perfect. There were many choices made that left most viewers upset and annoyed, but all of the good things about this show outweigh the negative.

Despite there only being eight episodes, the viewer gets an immense amount of character details and development. Every character learns their own lesson in some way and change for the better.

Throughout the series, viewers are given many shocking twists and turns. Most of the main reveals will catch you off guard at some point.

Compared to the other Netflix original series, Stranger Things is probably one of the best they’ve produced.

And it’s not just the characters that make this show great. It has incredible cinematography, eerie and detailed settings and not to mention a fabulous soundtrack that gets you on the edge of your seat just after the opening credits.

All in all, Stranger Things is a great show for anyone who loves science fiction and mystery.

Due to it’s massive amount of success, on August 31st,  Netflix released a teaser announcement for season two, to premiere in 2017.

This new season will bring all of our favorite characters back for more adventure. A great thing about this new season will be an extra episode, making it nine instead of eight in the season.  

In the meantime, you can watch, and rewatch, Stranger Things on Netflix. Each episode is 55 minutes long, which is a great amount of time for you to binge watch it over the winter months.


Young, Wilder, and Free: A Tribute to Gene a Wilder 

BY LEAH CONNATSER – Junior Editor-in-Chief 

    “For what we are about to see next, we must enter quietly into the realm of genius” (Wilder in Young Frankenstein).

     Jerome Silberman, better know as Gene Wilder was born on June 11, 1933 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There he took part in a theatre program and developed a strong interest for acting. 

    Wilder went to Washington High School and later proceeded to go to the University of Iowa. 

    He was most commonly known for his starring roles in the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie and Blazing Saddles, but Wilder’s first big movie role was, The Producers. 

   Throughout his lifetime, he wrote two books, and acted in 29 different movies. He would always give off the same amazing vibe with each movie he took part in.

  Wilder was a talented actor and author, but also a very skillful screenwriter and director. He was an inspiration for so many people including director, Mel Brooks, who directed three of his movies, actors, Steve Martin, Russell Crowe, and many more.

  Back in 1989, the person he was in love with, actress Gilda Radner, passed away and he was devastated. He started an Ovarian Cancer Detection Center in the hopes that nobody would have to go through what she went through. He found love again and married Karen Boyer and had one daughter with her.

  The Willy Wonka star was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2013. He hid this from his fans because, “He simply couldn’t bear the idea of one less smile in the world” (Nephew, Jordan Walker-Pearlman).  

  On August 29th, 2016, the amazing comedian passed away at the age of 83. 

  In the past few years, so many brilliant comedic actors have lost their lives and all of them will never be forgotten. Gene Wilder’s loud spirit and loving heart will forever live on. 

 As you may grieve over the loss of Wilder, take a look at the iconic things he has said throughout his lifetime and watch a couple of his movies to let it sink in how truly incredible this man was. 

Top 5 Best Movies About Teens


Editorial Editor

The ‘Teen’ genre of movies has taken over all forms of media and has quickly become one of the most popular genres in the world. From Teen Beach Movie (2013) to Risky Business (1983), teens all over have had their problems voiced through movies for decades.

To celebrate our ‘Teen Week’ here at The Cedar Times, this is a list of the top 5 best movies about teens.

5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This 1986 film is the embodiment of teenage rebellion and the dream of so many teenagers who are stuck in class. Matthew Broderick’s Ferris Bueller is a smooth talking, adventurous kid who decides to skip school one day with the help of his best friend, Cameron and girlfriend, Sloane. Bueller goes on an epic adventure throughout the day while still managing to teach the viewer a lesson on not letting life pass you by.

4. Carrie. Based off of the Stephen King novel, the film adaptation was released in 1976 and starred Sissy Spacek as Carrie. Carrie is your average, everyday, telepathic maniac. After she is finally done being picked on by her classmates and hyper-religious mother, Carrie discovers her telepathic ability and viciously attacks her enemies. This movie is the best kind of revenge film, as everyone gets what they deserve. The film was also remade in 2013 starring Chloe Grace Moretz, but was significantly less popular.

3. The DUFF. In 2015, one of the best movies about accepting yourself was brought into the world. Like #4 on the list, this movie is an adaptation of the 2010 book of the same name, written by Kody Keplinger. ‘DUFF’ stands for ‘Designated Ugly Fat Friend’ and Bianca Piper (Mae Whitman) realizes that she may be the DUFF in her friend group. She goes through a transformation but in the end discovers that she is perfect just the way she is. Despite the cliches in the film, it still provides a great message to love yourself no matter what.

2. Mean Girls. Almost every single teen has heard of this iconic 2004 movie starring Lindsey Lohan and Rachel McAdams. Lohan’s character, Cady Heron, goes to public school for the first time and struggles to fit in, but manages to join the popular girls’ group called ‘The Plastics.’ This movie is all about drama and fitting in, and the ups and downs of high school. With some of the most memorable scenes and quotable lines, this movie is relatable to any teenager.

1. The Breakfast Club. This 1985 film is probably one of the most popular films of all time for it’s amazing cast and message. Emilio Estevez and Molly Ringwald play two out of the five students stuck in Saturday detention at their high school. Each of the students are completely opposite to each other and at first do not get along at all. As the morning goes on, they discover their similarities and grow as individuals. They all learn from their experience and walk out of the school completely different from the people they were when they walked in.

These films are the voice of a generation for teens all over the world. Seeing their problems on the big screen is very comforting to teenagers and hopefully the era of teen movies continues on for years to come.


“Did You Forget?”

BY LEAH CONNATSER – Arts and Entertainment Editor

When you think about it, the way characters are put together really affects the way a show flows. Everyone usually has a favorite character or two when they are asked to choose.

We, as viewers, learn to love all of the actors and actresses in the shows and some of us live in this “virtual world.” After a long period of time, we might forget characters who are not in the show anymore or long to know where the actors and actresses are who were in shows we once loved.

As we grow older, more television shows are made and more and more teens take part in roles that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. We should remember some of these teenagers that were on different channels living their dreams and see what they are up to now.

Disney Channel stars, Dylan and Cole Sprouse- From Zach and Cody to college graduates. The twins appeared in the Suite Life of Zach and Cody from 2006-2008 and later starred in the spinoff, Suite Life on Deck, until 2011. The two men returned to the books and transformed when they went from graduating Seven Seas High on television to graduating from the top college, NYU, on May 20th, 2015. They reportedly switched places during the ceremony. It is clear to me that they have had a pretty great childhood and their “sweet life,” is just beginning.

zach and cody.jpg

Zach and Cody

Disney Channel star, Jake T. Austin- From Wizards of Waverly Place to Dating a fan? Jake T. Austin played “Max Russo” in Disney’s hit show from October, 2007 to January, 2012. Austin is now reportedly dating a fan he met on twitter. Professionally he has had small roles in movies and just got finished on the ABC show, The Fosters.

MTV star, Jessica Lu- From Awkward to movies such as About Last Night and Diyu. Lu played Ming Huang in the show from July, 2011 to July, 2015. She recently joined American Horror Story: Hotel.

Former ABC family star, Shailene WoodleyFrom Secret Life of an American Teenager to movie star. Woodley starred in the show from July, 2008 to July, 2013, now she is in huge movies such as Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars.

Nickelodeon star, Nathan Kress-From iCarly to love. Kress starred in iCarly from September, 2007 to November, 2012. Sorry Seddie shippers, he was happily married to his soul mate, London Elise Kress, in 2015.

Many new television shows will continue to premiere and we will slowly forget about them. It is soothing to reminisce about old television and what the teenagers in the shows you once loved made you realize and learn.

Actors and actresses have real lives too, and we sometimes do not realize this. Looking up where these characters are now makes us feel like the shows are still with us.

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